Five Best Practices When Choosing A Conveyancing Law Firm

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Property investors these days have more choices in terms of finding solicitors or licensed conveyancers to complete the legal process of their purchase or sale. Technology has helped in paving the way for presenting plenty of firms for them to choose from. However, this may also pose a risk for stress especially if one made the wrong choice.

People generally make mistakes by overlooking a few factors here and there when buying or selling properties. This is why you need to make a sound choice by following these five best practices in choosing a suitable conveyancing firm to help you out with your property investment.

1. Do not just settle for the cheapest conveyancing services as you see them on the adverts.

The Internet is a great place to start your search and your research for information about conveyancing firms. The cheapest ones may seem a little dodgy so verify all the information you see by personally getting in touch with the firm. The cheap cost may just be an initial charge to catch your attention and you might be charge consequently as the process moves along. Ask for a FIXED PRICE quote to be sure you won’t go over your budget. Why save money conveyancing just to find you get a bad service?

Check for the value that these firms offer to make sure you get the best services for your money.

2. Do not just hire a firm especially if they’re not on your mortgage lender’s panel.

Why? Chances are your mortgage lender may assign a different conveyancing firm to complete certain tasks in the process while your own conveyancer does the others. This means escalated costs and additional time for everything to be completed. You won’t need all that.

3. Find out if your choice of conveyancing firm has enough experience to help you out with the process.

You might have had a good referral from a friend but you can never be too sure. Check to see if the firm you’re about to hire is capable of possibly difficult transactions. Ask them if they have experience in various property buying/selling schemes to gauge their capabilities.

Also, if you’re hiring a firm with quite a number of staff, check to see if they are all well coordinated so the information and completed tasks are updated. This way, when you get in touch to follow-up, you won’t encounter someone who has no idea what you’re talking about.

4. Do your research like clockwork.

You can avoid financial disasters by finding a reasonable amount of information about the firm you look to hire for conveyancing. Find out more about their accreditation, if they are a member of a reputable association of conveyancers, or if they are part of a Conveyancing Quality Scheme. This lets you know that they are strictly following standards and regulations to serve at their clients’ best interest.

As much as possible. find out the ways you can directly communicate with them for a smooth process. It is important that they have at least two available direct-communication channels (phone and email, ideally) so you’ll get updated when needed.

5. Avoid hourly rates for conveyancing services.

This may have worked in the past but there is a great chance for you to not be in control of escalated costs brought in by transaction difficulties requiring extra work. Look for conveyancing firms that can give you a fixed price rate with itemised disbursement details so you can work on your budget.

Remember to carefully screen the list of firms you are looking to hire for conveyancing, so your transaction won’t end up in an unsatisfactory way. Basically, it all boils down to research and getting as much information you need before making a choice.

Narrow down your search by considering your own preferences and budget, and ask around, besides checking the Internet for information to ensure a trouble-free transaction.


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How Buying Through An Estate Agent Can Work For You

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Estate agents can be arguably considered are one of the most hated people in the housing market – possibly due to their annoying persistence. But if you’re looking to conveniently find and buy a new home, dealing with an estate agent may just be very helpful. Knowing how to get them on your side is the trick and you may read through to find out how buying through an estate agent can work for you.

When buying through an estate agent, you need to make them feel that they are involved throughout the process and that you really need their help. Talking them through how you would need their advice on the property and prodding them on for what they can offer will get them on your side here.

You also need to be as honest to them as you would want them to you. The whole honesty bit should work two ways. Tell them directly how and where you would want to be helped with and let them know of your financial arrangements so you could hear the truth about what they can offer you.

Every detail that you think they should know should be discussed. Inform your estate agent of your mortgage in principle and who provides it to show them how serious you are in buying the property they offer. It encourages them to offer further help and gets them to recognise that you are determined. Otherwise, they will feel that time is just being wasted.

Estate agents like to be sought out for advice. Rather than imposing your budget and your wants to them, you can briefly discuss how much you can afford and ask them for help and options.

Constantly staying in touch is also important. This leads them to think that you would want to be informed right away if there’s a good property coming in on the market for you.

And if they invite you for a viewing, do everything you could to be there. And if there’s a mix up in the schedules, inform them accordingly so as not to put them under the impression that you are not interested in their help at all.

Before contacting any estate agent though, try to find as much information about them. Check how reliable they are in terms of offering the best properties for you to choose from and buy. You might also want to look for at least three different agents to compare before dealing with one.

As soon as you start working with them, try to narrow down your search radius. Estate agents may just have something for you within your target area.

Also, estate agents may be dealing with at least 10 more people with the same target as yours, so be sure to do everything you can to have them contact you first. Get them on your side by showing them how much you need their help. Do not just greet them and afterwards sit and wait for them to call you.

And when they do try to get in touch, find a way to reply to their emails or answer their calls, even if it meant you’re only telling them that you are not interested in their current offer. If you fail to do this thrice, your name and contact details may be deleted from their appointment books.

Remember that estate agents are helpful people. They need to be treated with the utmost politeness as we want to be. This helps in terms of having a smooth home-search-and-buy process. Otherwise, a disaster may just await you.


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