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Brad Pitt, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Jodie Foster and Sir Sean Connery feature prominently on the list, but more than other stars of music and screen have trodden the same embarrassing path

The second advert is a horror that can mean only one thing in these dark economic times:

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But it's not just the Forester that's powering Subaru.

The next step is when a customer settles on Subaru, and are deciding on what model car.

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That is quite an accomplishment for a mid-market brand with a limited vehicle portfolio and marketing clout.

The company's strategy as it waits out the downturn is to lay down a groundwork of strong fundamentals, including extra-attentive customer service.

Subaru Canada's sales were up 8.

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Our one-of-a-kind culture allows employees to find balance and focus on what matters:

They sent out a postcard offering free soap, and a funny video.

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