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I'm actually leaning towards Fuku, maybe do something similar to what you did in your terrific fic.

So rough yet passionate sex with both fighting for control, domination somepoint, the Jedi definitely paying much attention to her well shaped ass and figure.

You never know though, it's very likely she might do that idea, though she'll probably switch Ciri with Triss.

I'm not a fan of guro or scat myself, but I offer the service to anyone who is.

Procrastimate on September 7,7:

Various characters from different works will be added.

Basically the young live sex tube in german showing Tali quite a time, not being a jackass or anything but definitely getting dominated in a way that excites Tali, slaps to her ass, maybe facefucking, him pleasuring her in ways she never thought possible, that sorta of thing.

Katherine would easily be her trapped in a nightmare cause Catherine wants her out of the way for Vincent, with puzzle elements to doing literally anything in the restroom.

I see Ivy as looking for some catharsis from woman charged sex with minor pampered lifestyle, Jeanne being encountered by her students from her day job and "educating" them, Bad Girl being drunk and incorporating her beer cans into her routine, Red Monika being coerced into dirtier deeds for a higher payout, Momoyo starting out as a power bottom only sub hard when someone messes with her butt too much-and I'm sure you've yuna ff10 adult games your own dynamics in mind.

Flirting between the two.

So, fun fact, this was very nearly a story about Triss as the commissioner is a massive Witcher fangirl, however, she went with Rias instead.

Canderous19 on October 17,6:

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I'm glad you like my writing style, I work hard to refine it and create an enjoyable reading experience.

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